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One last time....

On Saturday May 7th the Cla-Zel will be having it's LAST movie EVER. It's closing it's doors for good as a movie theater. And for their last movie, they are letting us preform The Rocky Horror Picture Show one last time. So we need EVERYONE we can get to come out and see the show. We want to sell the theater out for the first and last time. All of us cast members are very saddened by this and we're searching for a new venue to play at, but for now this MIGHT be our last show. So PLEASE as a huge favor to the cast, myself, and the Cla-Zel try your very best to come out and show your support. We promise to deliver you all one hell of a show. Thanks.

The Rocky one,

P.S. And if possible could you all PLEASE spread the word around so we can pack the place? I don't know where else to post to get people there.
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